About us



About us

Travel Agency Mornar  exists in Montenegro since 1991. The secret to continuous improvement lies in the twenty three years of tradition and experience, and professional team of ten employees who are at your disposal. The Agency cooprate with large tour operators in both  hotel and private accommodation. We are able to organize seminars, business meetings and various team-building.

Year after year we  worked with  many tour operators from different countries: England, Germany, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Croatia ...

A large number of foreign tour operators are the right recommendations for future business associates for quality of service and cooperation.

Due to numerous requests of foreign partners we have expanded our operations by opening offices in Belgrade (01.03.2008.) We can offer a variety of winter holidays, vacations, cruises, educational programs,visits of european cities, as well as bringing international visitors to Belgrade and Serbia. We also take part in organising individual travels through Serbia

(monastery tours, village, mountain, spa, recreation, tourism manifestation, ...).

In Mornar you can make reservations for rent-a-car, pay the travel and health insurance..

We will try and continue at any time to provide the highest quality professional service, because we are here for you. A large number of satisfied customers and partners is our best recommendation!!!

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